About me………

I come from a long line of artisans and artists on both sides of my family and my sisters and I are first generation Americans on my mother’s side. My mother, a talented artist and her sister, a master tailor both taught me much of what I know and use today. I am profoundly thankful and honored to carry on the tradition of creating with my hands.

My story would not be complete without the mention of my Italian grandmother, Maria. She raised silkworms under her bed when she was a young girl growing up in Bisignano, Italy. At 17 years old, lying about her age, she boarded a ship for America for the promise of a better life. She never looked back. I am following in her footsteps, forging ahead, exploring and never looking back…….

I have created my brand around my love for travel and exploration of other cultures, for artisanal methods of dyeing and printing that date back thousands of years.

I source natural dyes and fibers from small businesses and cooperatives: in some cases, multi-generational business and family cooperatives!

I am committed to environmentally kind methods and zero waste.






We only use natural indigo vats for dyeing.