The collection is inspired by artisanal methods from around the world. 

With a passion for Uniqueness, we incorporate bespoke style and sustainable practices including zero waste thoughtfulness into all of our pieces.

Our designs are individually hand crafted utilizing small batch hand dyeing and hand printing techniques.  While designs may be duplicated, no two are ever exactly alike due to the processes of dyeing with natural dyes and the hand printing techniques used

Our four-day, multi-step process uses botanical, environmentally friendly, and sustainably derived dyes. Additionally, we use all natural indigo dye vats, without caustic chemicals that can be safely discarded after “exhaustion” without harm to the environment.

Our printing process implements antique carved wood blocks and specially mixed, Low impact dyes. 

Fabric is blocked and pinned to a table for the printing preparation. Traditionally, pin holes on selvedges(edges) are a mark that demonstrates hand blocking and Authenticates the printing process; Some seek this detail out to substantiate the hand printing claim. this does not affect quality or longevity.

The process ends with steaming to set dyes and a final rinse to make them wearable and enjoyed for years to come.

The Collection is produced in the USA, in our ATELIER.

Ben Anderson Photography