Maria Maurio, founder and designer, has always been inspired by color, pattern, art, and the ancient techniques of dyeing and printing.  Her passion  shines through in this artisanal collection of accessories.

In creating each design, the silk must first be prepared by washing out residue left behind by silk worms.  Once the "canvas" is prepared, often it is hand dyed in small batches of eco friendly, botanical dyes or natural indigo. Some colors are achieved by a two-part process.  The dyeing process can take up to one day to complete.  

Once dyed, the silk is then prepared for printing by pinning to a table. Imported French dyes are mixed to achieved desired color and the design is realized through inspiration taken from antique textiles, ancient art remnants or just about anything that presents itself.

Antique and vintage Indian Wood Blocks are prepared and the fun begins!

The printing must cure for 24-48 hours and then hand washed for fastness.

While designs and colorways are duplicated, each scarf is prepared and printed individually.  There will always be slight variations in each color and design.

Pin holes in the selvedges/edges are a sign that each piece has been hand pinned to a table for the printing process to begin.  This tell tale sign is often sought after by collectors and aficionados of the hand printed process.  Don't be deterred in your purchase, the item is still wearable and sturdy.


Artisanal Chic


The process yields elegant results.  Small batches ensure quality standards are matched. Having traveled globally since college and inspired by those travels, Maria has studied various techniques and and applied those to designs that have helped her cultivate a singular yet globe trotting style.