This is an original and truly one of a kind just like its maker, who hand knits them using our silk scraps! We are very proud to collaborate with the talented designer Jamie Kreitman, a well respected sweater designer who got her start selling to Bendel’s back in the day! She hand strips our silk and incorporates wool and cotton yarns from her studio stash to create our zero waste poncho. There’s only one of these at the moment and if we sell it we’ll advise how long it will take to hand make yours!

  • Silk, cotton, wool-varies due to availability of scraps!

  • Hand dyed

  • Hand knit in the USA

  • This is a hand knit item that will have irregularities and unique colorations due to its incorporation of leftover textiles and yarns.

  • Hand wash cold with a mild detergent, lay flat to dry

  • Made in USA

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